Is this thing on?

I feel like I should be tapping a mike and squinting into a blurry webcam. That’s not quite the case, but I’ve never been very good at introducing myself. In knitting situations, I tend to just plonk myself down, pull out my needles and start talking, while completely forgetting to introduce myself. To every¬†group of knitters I have done this to in the past, sorry, and thank you for breaking the awkward barrier to ask me my name eventually!

But to avoid that moment here, let me say first of all that my name is Jess. I’m a knitter, spinner, writer, mezzo-soprano and mad cat lady (although not necessarily in that order). I live in a house in an undisclosed location in the north of England that is full of musical instruments. At last count: two sousaphones, an orchestral tuba, two trombones, three¬†saxophones, four clarinets, an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, an electric keyboard, two flutes and an unknown number of tin whistles.

Not all of them belong to me. I have found this, along with the four and a half bikes that are not mine either, to be excellent leverage when negotiating for yarn storage space.

More years ago than I care to admit, my editor told me: “You should start a blog. See if people want to read what you have to say.”

I don’t think she envisioned knitting being in the plan, and neither did I at that stage, but nevertheless, here you go. A Blog. Ximena, I’m sorry it took me so long, but thank you for the encouragement.

And thank you, if you’re reading this. Do check back soon. If I can work out how, there may even be pictures.